Native Novelty

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NATIVE NOVELTYFresh off his Spring/Summer debut for 2018, design maestro Bijay Gautam wholeheartedly embraces a ‘native’ mood as he embarks on an original journey somewhere between the fine lines of tradition and modernity with his exquisite collection of bespoke, made-to-measure, symbolic sarees and kurtas, titled ‘Jewels of Nepal’, as modelled by actress Shilpa Thapa Maskey amidst the majestic settings of the Royal Empire Boutique Hotel, Balwatar. Photographed by SANJOG RAIStyled and Words by AKASH RB (Dorian D)Talent: SHILPA THAPA MASKEYDesigns by BIJAY GAUTAM by BE LABELS, Kupondole, Lalitpur venture promoted by SEED EQUITYHair and Makeup by SHRADHA MASKEYAccessories Courtesy: JTK TERIYAKO AUTHORITY, ThamelLocation Courtesy: ROYAL EMPIRE BOUTIQUE HOTEL, Balwatar