Never still (Stories of our lives)
28 Jun 2017 8 min read
From the Archive (Oct, 2016): Head cashier at Fire and Ice, Zumba instructor, scooter stuntwoman. How Ayesha Dangol holds it all together
Mere soreness vs injury
21 Jun 2017 6 min read
From the archive (Oct, 2016): There are some types of muscle sorenesses that should ring off alarm bells
Managing moonshot dreams (Stories of our lives)
20 Jun 2017 8 min read
From the Archive (Oct, 2016): Prabin Maharjan does all the little things that are needed to keep Fragments, a metal band, on course for their big payday
As Nepali as tea
20 Jun 2017 11 min read
From the Archive (Oct, 2016): Brewed coffee has become the preferred beverage of choice for meetups of all kinds
Greener pastures
13 Jun 2017 5 min read
From the Archive (Sept, 2016): Chalitra Prasad Yadav, known to many as ‘Mithun Bhai’, is a favourite amongst the locals of Chabahil
The only constant (Stories of our lives)
07 Jun 2017 9 min read
From the Archive (Jun, 2016): For Patan’s denizens—generations of them—Bhai Bahadur’s salon is an institution in itself
The science of touch
07 Jun 2017 16 min read
From the Archive (Jun, 2016): We don’t usually think about the science behind touchscreen technology. But the science is fascinating
06 Jun 2017 12 min read
From the Archive (Jun, 2016): Arjun Shah’s calendar presents seven women with burn histories as survivors, not victims
Getting by on grit
23 May 2017 6 min read
From the Archive (Oct, 2016): For Jina Limbu, her pork shop is not just a means to make some money. It represents a stability she has finally found for herself
Of pigeons, Mount Everest and love (Stories of our lives)
17 May 2017 5 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): Ama shares with us the stories of her life
The alleys of your dreams
10 May 2017 6 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): Take a stroll around the labyrinth of densely packed alleys in Boudhanath, where reality seamlessly blends with spirituality
The decanter seals the deal (Stories of our lives)
09 May 2017 6 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): How a decanter seals fates of Newar households
Healthcare where it matters
06 May 2017 11 min read
In the villages of Lakuri Bhanjyang and Ghumarchowk, Ramu Kharel's organisation HAPSA is making quality primary healthcare a reality
Deft hands (Stories of our lives)
02 May 2017 5 min read
From the Archive (Sept, 2016): All of Harimaya Tamang’s clients are her preferred clients, and they can be assured that they’ll emerge from her parlour looking radiant
With feeling (Stories of our lives)
17 Mar 2017 8 min read
The heart of the Panche Baja Troupe—the dancing, singing, energetic Maane Nepali seemed to be in a very jolly mood on the wedding , where he had ....
Cross stitches (Stories of our lives)
10 Mar 2017 5 min read
It’s a strange identity that Daan Bahadur finds himself inhabiting every day. He is a Nepali that the state of Nepal does not formally recognise. But he’s also trapped in....
Brick by brick (Stories of our lives)
20 Jan 2017 10 min read
Ishwor Basnet, at 19, has already turned himself into a do-it-all handyman
Nose to the grindstone
13 Jan 2017 10 min read
Thawai's has been selling siloutos in Kathmandu since he arrived here with his wife nine years ago
Painstakingly sculpted (Stories of our lives)
06 Jan 2017 9 min read
Nirmala Maharjan, one of the very few women fitness physique models in Nepal
Bringing forth gods (Stories of our lives)
05 Oct 2016 6 min read
This flimsy shed, which seems like it might not survive extreme weather conditions, is good enough for Pandit, for he knows that it is just a temporary work setup
Work is worship (Stories of our lives)
03 Oct 2016 5 min read
For Devraj Aryal, the tantric priest whom the powerful in the nation depend on for their Dashain puja paraphernalia, his work is more important than the trappings that come with....
Managing the chaos (Stories of our lives)
02 Oct 2016 7 min read
It’s owing to people like Govinda Pathak that what could have been a chaotic Livestock market in Kalanki hums along smoothly even during festival season
The kite runner (Stories of our lives)
28 Sep 2016 7 min read
Tirtha Bahadur Deula knows all there is to know about kites, so his customers know they’ll be making the right buy when they buy from him
Hardwon skills (Stories of our lives)
02 Sep 2016 7 min read
Becoming a master mechanic is difficult Mukesh Khushuwa learned that the hard way