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M&S VMAG is an English-language weekly video magazine that produces interesting stories about all things Nepal and Nepali. The content can be consumed over various platforms: web, print, YouTube, TV and other social media. M&S VMAG’s print magazine (with a circulation of over 17,000 copies) features 52 pages of content, which is published every Friday. M&S VMAG is primarily a features magazine that covers stories pertaining to everything from health, labour and education to trends in music, fine arts, business, sports and technology.

M&S VMAG also uploads no fewer than six high-quality videos on its YouTube channel every week. The videos feature popular local eateries, reviews of new gadgets, interviews of inspiring Nepalis, covers performed by local musicians, behind-the-scenes footage of one of the best fashion spreads in Nepal, and coverage of engaging events in Kathmandu and beyond.

The ethos informing M&S’s content is simple: the stories need to be intelligent, hip and informative. VMAG’s target group comprises audiences within the age group of 18 to 45.

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