Faith in the feminine
4 days ago 7 min read
Erina Tamrakar’s works explore the varied issues surrounding womanhood and femininity
From the Launchpad
4 days ago 9 min read
Suraj Rajbahak outlines the importance of financial management for business
Mystical Mustang
4 days ago 8 min read
Charmed by the magical ancient kingdom beyond the mountains
Don’t forget your calves
4 days ago 5 min read
Ask any personal trainer about under-trained muscles, and a common answer among them will be ‘calves.’
Speak to the geek
5 days ago 5 min read
Our resident geek provides answers to any tech conundrums you might have
The grand summer shake up: Press play
5 days ago 4 min read
With summer making its presence felt, it’s officially that time you hit the shuffle with your summer wardrobe
Always evolving, always growing
5 days ago 8 min read
Ashok Sherchan shares with VMAG the bank’s history of growth and offers up solutions for the challenges faced by the banking sector
A floral state of mind
5 days ago 1 min read
Makeup maven Shradha Maskey crafts a tapestry of colourful woolen threads to create elaborate blooms of floriated sprouts on model Ayushma Rani Singh as her fitting canvas.  Photographed by Sanjog Rai |....
Dem feels
6 days ago 2 min read
Tashi Jangbu Sherpa performs a cover of ‘Dil Basyo’ by Raju Lama
Where the chef does everything
6 days ago 4 min read
Coffee, Tea & Me: a delicious discovery in the heart of Patan
A moveable feast
6 days ago 11 min read
For today’s modern Newar families, Mahapucha Gophal create traditional bhoyes of the most authentic kind
Ruslan’s Chill Companion
7 days ago 5 min read
In this section, we turn celebrities into mixologists
Five from Oliz
7 days ago 7 min read
We drop by the Oliz Store this week to find five of their best-selling gadgets
Banishing the dark
7 days ago 12 min read
Kulman Ghising talks to VMAG about his journey so far and his plans to implement solutions for solving the electricity crisis in Nepal
Community-led, community-focused
7 days ago 18 min read
Dhulikhel Hospital has shown for years how quality health care can be provided at affordable costs
Portraits of happiness
10 days ago 12 min read
Susana Sanjuan López talks to VMAG about chasing her dreams, finding inspiration in Nepal and what she hopes to convey through her video project Blink
From the Launchpad
10 days ago 8 min read
Anjan Shrestha breaks down design thinking
So much to do in this little town
10 days ago 7 min read
The hills of Bandipur have plentiful to offer to tourists of every stripe
Speak to the geek
16 Apr 2017 5 min read
Our resident geek provides answers to any tech conundrums you might have
Calling the shorts
16 Apr 2017 3 min read
Your all-inclusive guide to the hows and whens of all things shorts
All things apparel
16 Apr 2017 13 min read
Rupesh Pandey explains the art of clothing a nation
In too deep
15 Apr 2017 1 min read
The Band covers ‘Timile Ta Hoina’ by Bachchu Kailash
A little assist goes a long way
15 Apr 2017 15 min read
Electrically assisted rickshaws, designed by Nepali engineers, will soon be plying the streets around Thamel and Ason
A true trailblazer
15 Apr 2017 12 min read
I needed to make money quickly. And driving a tempo seemed like the best idea