Editor's Picks
Speak to the Geek
6 min read
I have been hearing a lot about ex­ploding phones these days
Matters of the Heart
6 min read
Rockets and space
Ruslan’s Chill Companion
5 min read
Prajwal Mukhiya, the vocalist of 1974 AD, also teaches vocals at the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory
A Blast from the Past
5 min read
The midnight riders bring an ac/dc classic to life
Mere Soreness vs Injury
6 min read
You've probably heard that the best feeling you can have after a workout is that of being sore
Re-Imagining Education
10 min read
Som Paneru has taken his commitment to providing education for needy kids beyond being involved in a charity and into developing a social enterprise
Tough glass for the Modern World
8 min read
Ever since apple’s ex-CEO, Steve Jobs, propagated the use of glass pan­els on the iphone, we’ve seen the use of glass turn into an industrial standard
TLC Diaries #3
8 min read
An engineer documents his time spent building transitional learning centres in Okhaldhunga
Taking on the Gosainkunda Circuit
10 min read
The first time i ever went on a trek was in October 2015, and it was to thorong la pass
Finding a Growth Hacker
8 min read
The business world has been abuzz for the past few years with this new, almost magical skill called growth hacking
Managing Moonshot Dreams
8 min read
Prabin Maharjan does all the little things that are needed to keep fragments, a metal band, on course for their big payday
The Top 5 Features in the new GoPro Hero5s
8 min read
Hero5 black and session are two of the newest action cameras from gopro this year, and they come with built-in gps, multiple microphones, water resistance, voice control and pretty refined....
Kalankiko Piro Aaloo
7 min read
A local eatery situated on the busy streets of Kalanki serves piro aaloo—fiery hot marinated potatoes—with some dyakala— newari-style buffalo stew
The Autumn Sweeps
1 min read
Model Muna Gauchan serves up a delectable dose of chic, casual glamour as she dons an assorted autumnal mix of form-fitting separates paired best with the lushest of outerwear in....
Difficult Pasts to Promising Futures
12 min read
educating children with horrendous pasts is an exceedingly difficult task. the nawa asha ashram has developed a model that works
As Nepali as Tea
11 min read
Brewed coffee has become the preferred beverage of choice for meetups of all kinds
Speak to the Geek
6 min read
I have a Huawei android phone that keeps prompting me with a mes­sage that says ‘insufficient internal storage’
Going Local in Sauraha
8 min read
Sauraha, long known for being the base for wildlife activities inside Chitwan National Park, now also offers unique immersive tours built around local livelihood practices
The Urban Upheaval
1 min read
Actor Karma embodies the narrative of the urban soldier as he champions the casual yet confident ethos of individuality set against a hard, raw-edged industrial backdrop
Boudha’s Local Morning Treat
8 min read
Ever ended up at boudha early in the morning to enjoy the serenity and spirituality, but got famished all of a sudden? well, here’s what you can eat at boudha....
Apple Gets It Right the Second Time
9 min read
The second-generation apple watch, the series 2, is out, and it focuses on fitness tracking, and comes with water resistance, built-in gps, faster performance and brighter display
6 min read
The second M&S VMAG Apex Digital food fest, a part of the M&S VMAG Weekends se­ries, was filled with good energy last Sat­urday, October 1
Getting by on Grit
6 min read
For Jina Limbu, her pork shop is not just a means to make some money. It represents a stability she has finally found for herself
Fostering Inquiry, Stimulating Discourse
9 min read
The social science baha has been seeking to create a culture of questioning in a society where, both in the academia and without, much of that isn’t happening