Editor's Picks
Strong Earth
18 min read
A handful of architects have come up with ways to build structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing mud-house models that Nepalis would readily adopt if only they could get past their qualms....
Vegetarian fuel
8 min read
The Gautam Mithai Bhandar makes for the perfect pit stop if you are riding east along Arniko Highway
Rebel Music
4 min read
Roots perform a cover of Ratm’s ‘Killing in the Name’
Nepal’s pau capital
10 min read
Over four decades, the locals have turned Sanga into a pau production hub.
The city as muse
17 min read
The curator of the kathmandu triennale envisions the art festival as a platform for facilitating meaningful exchanges among artists and between the artists and the public.
Pedal power
15 min read
In a country where every second person wants to secure a nine-to-five job and lead a safe life, Santosh Rai dared to dream differently.
With feeling
8 min read
From our conversations, I came to learn that he’d been playing the damaha since he was 15. He is 65 now.
Playing the long game
13 min read
We’re focusing on the nepali market because I believe that we understand the market as thoroughly as any of the big players here.
So near, yet so far
10 min read
Our trip to kalibas village in nuwakot district showed us how different lives are just a few kilometres outside kathmandu.
Shavi’s churros
7 min read
Churros have arrived in kathmandu, so we decided to sample some for ourselves.
Lovin’ the vibe
9 min read
If you’re in the market for a new phone but don’t want something that will burn a hole in your wallet, the lenovo vibe k5 note’s for you.....
From the launchpad
10 min read
Semanta dahal presents the basics that startups need to know
Reaping the mid-range windfall
8 min read
How consumers in emerging markets such as Nepal regard a phone’s value has seen a sea change in recent years.
Ruslan’s chill companion
6 min read
In this section, we turn celebrities into mixologists .
An eternity apart
5 min read
Ankit amaru shrestha performs a cover of ‘saili ' by hemant rana.
Why women should lift
6 min read
The objective of the event was to help break the stereotype in Nepali culture that women could not and should not be lifting.
A colour kaleidoscope
5 min read
Make-up maven shradha maskey presents a creation of a thousand rainbow-esque hues, colours and tones as drawn and decorated on model dixya gurung, all in the festive and triumphant spirit....
The complete buddhist experience
20 min read
Boudha,the thriving centre of buddhism in the valley, already has everything it needs to become a tourist hub. but it must transform itself with care .
Color republic 2017
7 min read
Color republic, the annual event centred around the auspicious hindu festival of holi, is all set to make a huge splash on march 12, 2017.
Harnessing the power of music
19 min read
Music has always been my refuge.
Cross stitches
8 min read
It’s a strange identity that daan bahadur finds himself inhabiting every day. he is a nepali that the state of nepal does not formally recognise. but he’s also trapped in....
Back from the brink
16 min read
The ghoriwala family are today known for being market leaders in the trade, retail and real estate sectors.but they've had to overcome much to get back to the top....
Magical rara
13 min read
An extremely uncomfortable 30-hour bus ride, challenging trails, getting lost in the middle of nowhere it was all worth it when we reached rare lake .
Fizzle and pop: the funk factor to formal dressing
8 min read
In the fun and festive spirit of the season of colour, take the time to liven up and lift your look to new and exciting levels.