The CIB’s work explained: Part III
44 mins ago 3 min read
The types of training CIB officers have to undergo
The CIB’s work explained: Part II
48 mins ago 3 min read
Turning information into intelligence
The CIB’s work explained: Part I
51 mins ago 3 min read
The different types of crimes that the CIB deals with
How Tokla strengthened its presence in the Nepali market
17 hrs ago 4 min read
Sagyan Dhakal, Marketing Manager at NTDC, talks about the prospects of the Nepali tea market
Going headstrong
17 hrs ago 3 min read
Forget your power animal. It’s your power fragrance that’ll get you through the upcoming season
What is Night Shift and what does it do?
17 hrs ago 4 min read
Our resident geek tells you all you need to know about Night Shift on your phones and laptops
Analysing Balkrishna Sama's Kawita ko Byapti
2 days ago 5 min read
Chiran Raj Pandey presents a translation of Balkrishna Sama’s ‘Kawita ko Byapti’ and follows that up with his analysis of the text
Ruslan Cover Factory: Brisharambha
2 days ago 2 min read
Watch Brisharambha perform a cover of ‘Asaar’ by Bipul Chettri, on our M&S VMAG channel
Harisiddhi Newa Suhlee's legendary sukuti and chhyang
2 days ago 4 min read
The sukuti at Harisiddhi Newa Suhlee comes properly marinated with just the right amount of salt, chilli, ginger and garlic, tossed in fenugreek-infused, smoked mustard oil
The Midas touch
2 days ago 1 min read
Set against the spiritual backdrop of historic Swayambhunath, beloved actress Jyotsna Yogi takes on the ‘glamazon’ avatar as she gilds herself in an all-exclusive collection of regal baroque-inspired dresses and....
How the CIB tackles organised crime
2 days ago 8 min read
The dangerous, difficult intelligence work that the Central Investigation Bureau does is of utmost importance to Nepal’s police force, and thus by extension, to all Nepalis
VMAG's hiring
2 days ago 2 min read
VMAG is searching for a Business Development Executive
The pioneers of Fine Print
3 days ago 6 min read
Founded in 2005 by Ajit Baral and Niraj Bhari, Fine Print is one of Nepal’s finest publishing houses, constantly seeking new voices and consistently publishing established, critically acclaimed authors
Ruslan Chill Companion: Bikas Rana
3 days ago 3 min read
For this week’s Ruslan’s Chill Companion, Rana created a citrusy cocktail called Wine Vodka
The power-packed, smart NIU N1S
3 days ago 4 min read
With good handling, commendable mileage, state-of-the-art features, and a sleek, clean look, the N1S isn’t simply just a scooter; it’s a smart ride
Shweta Upadhyaya’s holistic approach
5 days ago 10 min read
From the Archive (Apr, 2016): VMAG talks to Shweta Upadhyaya about her premium ayurvedic skincare product line and the challenges she had to overcome to get to where she is....
Pool workouts
5 days ago 5 min read
From the Archive (Apr, 2016): There are many ways that you can get a workout out of your day or evening in the pool
Learning from Sula’s founder
5 days ago 8 min read
From the Archive (Apr, 2016): Rajeev Samant, CEO and Founder of Sula Vineyards, tells us how he turned his company into the market leader of India’s wine sector in less....
Gosaikunda: a journey to remember
5 days ago 6 min read
From the Archive (Apr, 2016): Before the earthquakes changed the face of Langtang, three novice trekkers trekked across Langtang and on to Gosainkunda
The only child ‘Syndrome’
5 days ago 7 min read
From the Archive (Apr, 2016): Are singletons as obnoxious, self-centred and spoilt as society makes them out to be?
Ujwol’s dream of creating Kathmandu’s first skatepark
5 days ago 11 min read
From the Archive (Apr, 2016): Dangol’s success in making his skateboard shop a nurturing hub for skateboarders has now spurred him on to dream even bigger dreams: opening Kathmandu’s first....
Take some time out to travel this Dashain
6 days ago 7 min read
Here are VMAG’s picks of places where you can get away to create Dashain memories of the more exotic kind
The charm of Changa Chait
6 days ago 3 min read
Changa Chait, an annual event organised by Radio Kantipur, highlights one of the long-standing and most-loved traditions of Dashain: kite-flying
Venture Talk: Taking Startup cues from Nepal’s trailblazers
6 days ago 5 min read
A platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, Venture Talk helps entrepreneurs gain insight into the workings of the Nepali entrepreneurial scene, and energise startup founders and enthusiasts